A little update if you didn’t already know from my other social media sites, I am now a fully accredited Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant. This is a challenge but yet extremelly exciting time for me while I get set up. I have already met a few clients and I feel that I fit into this role great but over time I’ll excel into this with ease. 

I have a training course tomorrow which is NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming. It’s in Cardiff so it’s going to be a long day but I’m excited to see what I can learn to help me and my clients to overcome obstacles. 

I will update my YouTube channel soon, I know I have been a little preoccupied at the moment but I will start posting video soon. 




Are you feeling overwhelmed with trying to lose weight but finding it too hard? Well, stop! You’re not alone. Thinking that your the only one that finds it hard but others seem to lose weight around you but your head isn’t in the game?

It’s time to take stock and revalidate, what are your goals? what’s your main motivation?

We all lose focus from time to time and it’s about how we get back on plan quickly and not losing sight of our goals.

It’s very important to remember why you wanted to lose weight in the first place? Setting goals that are unachievable? or seem too far away?

Setting mini target/goals I think is important as these little stepping stones will keep your sight on your main target/goal. keeping the momentum going it’s vital.

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Fun Times

Posted: August 10, 2016 in Random Blogging, Weight Loss Journey Blog

Meeting up with Dabbie Evans and Rachel Campbell for a catch up and more insight into the Cambidge Weight Plan world. I am so very excited to be joining a team with so much passion to help loss weight, it’s not all about earning money it’s about helping people to achieve their weight loss goals. 

One thing I spoke about with Debbie was wishing I was my one consultant going back all them years…. Time lost.

So with that in mind, knowing I can help people that where in my boat only fills me with determination to help them succeed.

Bring on the life changing challenge.

October last year was when I started  a new part of my weight loss journey. I joined Cambridge Weight plan. Looking back now knowing it was only a short time ago. I’m so happy with the progress and results I have obtained. Its by far not the easiest to start and still takes a lots of determination/ will power.

I have added another 3 stone to my weight loss since joining Cambridge and I’m very happy about that.

My target weight is 13 stone and I’m now only 11lbs away from that target.

(Photo: left, 2000 – right , Dec 2015)

I am currently maintaining and edging towards my goal but I have decided to become a Cambridge Consultant myself. I have passed my interview stage and will be attending the training day on the 17th Aug then hopefully a couple of weeks later I should be a accredited. I’m super excited to become a consultant and to join a great team of people that have been on the same journey. With my extended knowledge over the last 16 years I really hope to help other achieve there own goals using Cambridge Weight Plan.

Wish me luck!

The boys

Posted: December 26, 2014 in Cats

Cat update, these boys are growing up so quick I can hardly keep up.

Enjoy x



2015 Plans

Posted: December 26, 2014 in Random Blogging

I’m going to set myself some goals for the new year which is my continued success in weight loss and to increase my fitness and overall Heath, planning on visiting a local gym tomorrow to have a look around to see weather I like it. It’s a little on the expense side so going to see weather it’s worth the money.

I cannot wait to start doing some exercise its been way over a year since I have really done any proper exercises and I’m in need of this. Going to start slow as my operation was only about 11 weeks ago but I have to start some where.

I will try and keep you posted with how I get on.

Long time since my last blog, with my operation and recovery all behind me now I feel a sense of achievement and one more life experience achieved. The operation itself was ok much better then I thought it would be. The staff at the BMI Hampshire clinic where amazing, no faults at all. 5 star care.

I managed to take off a stone and a half before my operation but added a few pounds back on.

Photo before and just after.

Please find a few photos from the hospital x