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I am glad that I haven’t brought this game yet and feel sorry for the people that have been waiting for their copies to be activated from Pro-orders and to be faced with just as many issues from the PC release. How Can EA get it so wrong. A massive company in the gaming industry to fail on such a classic game! Its a great shame….

SimCity on Mac is “totally unplayable” | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog.


Ok People… Tomorrow is the day that SimCity 5 will be finally coming to Apple Mac after a number of pushed out dates. I have found that lots of people have givin up on EA because of delay? Is that the same for you? I am unsure if I’m going to opt in yet myself even though I really want to have a go. Is it really worth the full price game knowing it been out almost 6 months?

Will it come to Steam?

I’ll keep you posted if I break and buy this game at the weekend and see for myself…


SimCity Is Coming To Apple Mac On August 29th – EA News.

I do love to see what strange things Apple might have up their sleeves. 

_69176311_underthedome_keyartWho’s been watching this new TV show? (more…)

Falling Skies

Posted: August 26, 2013 in TV/Movies

Great Show..more seasons to come I hope.

millipede, jr

I’ve noticed since I got back that there has been an upsurge of post-apocalyptic TV series, much to my delight.  I can only assume that this has been at least in some part a result of the public’s admirable appreciation of The Walking Dead and the desire of other networks to jump on that bandwagon.  I also understand that there are a number of quality post-apocalyptic graphic novels out there right now (The Walking Dead being among them) . Given Science Fiction’s tendency to manifest itself in reality, one wonders what may lay ahead for humanity in light of this proliferation.  But let’s not worry.  With all these TV shows exploring the various possible (ok, not that possible-yet) scenarios, we’ll know exactly what to do.


Unfortunately, I have discovered that most of these shows are in their 2nd or 3rd seasons right now, and OnDemand will only let me…

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steam_Small_LogoI have been using Steam for about a year for game to use on our iMac, I really love it. It has a great chose of games at LOW prices. It also had this great option for “early access” for games that are still in development stage but you can still play and help to iron out bugs, once the game is complete you will have the full version for a fraction of the price. Have a look for yourself.

There is a wide range of games for most platforms. e.g  Windows, Mac and Linux.

Hope this is brought out in the UK sounds like a good idea. We have 3rd party company that dose this also, for the like of mazuma