Bank Holiday Monday

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Random Blogging
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How to spend your Bank Holiday?

Mine started with Dexter, our British Shorthair (Blue) licking my chin at about 5:30 which is my normal time for waking up time on a weekday – however someone forgot to tell him that! I don’t mind really I find it very sweet. After feeding all three Boys – Dylan and Blake also BSH.
I returned to bed for a further few hours.

….side note hot guy just walked into costa.

Anyway…. I then woke up and continued to watch the tv problem called “Falling Skies” season 3 it’s ally great if you like Syfi like me.

I really thought I had better get out of the flat as I have been there most of the weekend packing up things for our move which should be sometime this year.

So I took a walk to my local Costa and thought I would start blogging and I feel glad to have started.

I really hope you will find some of my post interesting if not.. Move on! ;0)

20130826-014753 PM.jpg


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