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Enjoying some company from our big blue boy!



When it comes to weight loss and keeping motivated even if you recognise you haven’t been true to the plan. It’s knowing your goal and to re focus.

I am sure that tomorrow for me I will need to be drawing a line. I have been out for a few meals and having a little break but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let it continue.

From this week I’ll be drawing the line and refocusing on the plan.

I’m going to try and combine slimming world with myfittnesspal this next couple of weeks to see if counting my intake with the plan.

I know with many of the foods with slimming world are free food or super free but I still find I may be eating more then I should. So combining the two might have a better out come.

I’ll keep you posted…..

Remembering Princess Diana. 31st August

1961 – 1997

Can you remember where you heard the news and what was you doing at the time?

I met her when she’s was opening a school about 25 years ago. I give her a bunch of flowers and she in return have me a big kiss. I feel very bless to have met her. An amazing woman.


My ice Bucket Challenge

Posted: August 30, 2014 in Random Blogging

See my ice bucket challenge, my donation went to ALS.

See what happened!

Check out  My weight loss Journey.


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My tip of the week.

Oil can be very bad as you may know, try to cut as much out as you can. I opt for Fry-Light spray for most of all my cooking now.