Weight in

Posted: September 1, 2014 in Weight Loss Journey Blog

Today was weight in and really didn’t expect to see a good resault due to a few meals out and having a week off from Weight in.

Well I think this is why eating real foods and leaning about whats right and whats not will alway stick with you even if your not expect it.

This week I lost 4 lbs and it was a real shock.

I find it hard still at this stage learning when my tummy is full.

Tonights meal was two small jacket potatoes with a tin of baked beans with lean ham chunks and 3 fried eggs all cooked low fat of course using fry-light as per my previous blog.

I was stuffed full and maybe a little too much,  however everything I had was syn (Slimming world value) free.

Today I also started using myfitnesspal (smartphone) app to help recognise how much I had taken in. I was surprised that I was only about 12 cal out from what they would recommend as a daily target so feel quite happy about that.

Big thumbs up today…. keeping inspired!!


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