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October last year was when I started  a new part of my weight loss journey. I joined Cambridge Weight plan. Looking back now knowing it was only a short time ago. I’m so happy with the progress and results I have obtained. Its by far not the easiest to start and still takes a lots of determination/ will power.

I have added another 3 stone to my weight loss since joining Cambridge and I’m very happy about that.

My target weight is 13 stone and I’m now only 11lbs away from that target.

(Photo: left, 2000 – right , Dec 2015)

I am currently maintaining and edging towards my goal but I have decided to become a Cambridge Consultant myself. I have passed my interview stage and will be attending the training day on the 17th Aug then hopefully a couple of weeks later I should be a accredited. I’m super excited to become a consultant and to join a great team of people that have been on the same journey. With my extended knowledge over the last 16 years I really hope to help other achieve there own goals using Cambridge Weight Plan.

Wish me luck!